Within Temptation

In The Middle Of The Night

Within Temptation

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In The Middle Of The Night

(R. Westerholt / S. den Adel / D. Gibson)

	  		Intro: Cm  G#  Bb 

Cm                     Eb 
I've been walking this road of desire 
Bb                    Cm 
I've been begging for blood on the wall 
Cm                   Eb 
I don't care if I'm playing with fire 
Bb                  Cm 
I'm aware that I'm frozen inside 

G#                Bb  Gsus4 
I have known all along 

Cm                 Eb 
So much more going on, no denying 
Bb                  Cm 
But I know I'm not standing alone 

G#                                     Bb 
You've been playing my mind through my wishes 
Cm                      Bb 
You can feel that we're hunting the truth 
G#                         Fm                   Gsus4 
Don't know why, can't hold on, always losing control 

Cm In the middle of the night G# I don't understand what's going on Bb It's a world gone astray Cm In the middle of the night I can't let it end G# So I'll keep searching in shadows, Bb Fm G# Your life, it will never be in vain Bb Cm In the middle of the night
No more tears no, 'cause nothing else matters I've been closing my eyes for too long Only vengeance will make me feel better There's no rest till I know that it's done (Ponte) (Refrão) ( Cm G# Bb ) (Refrão)

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chords Within Temptation - In The Middle Of The Night
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