Winx Club

We are the Winx

Winx Club

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by  DJ_JB

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We are the Winx

	  		verse (clean) 
G#                     G        Cm           G# 
Close your eyes, and open your heart 
G#                 G      Cm               A# 
Belive in yourself, that's how it starts 
G#                           G     Cm                G# 
Dreams will come true, just wait and see  
                   G#                                   A# 
'cause the magic's in you, and the magic's in me! 
Chorus (sligthly distorsed and in kwint(5) if you prefere) 
D                        A                            Bm                               G 
    We are the winx, we are the winx, come join the club,  
                      D                            A                            Bm 
we are the winx, we are the winx, we are the winx,  
                            G                           D 
come join the club, we are the winx! 
Bm                        G                          D                                D7 
Magical flowers, digital powers, rythms and tunes, the sun and the moon, 
G                                                                         A    
Keep on seaching far and wide for the fire burning deep inside! 
G#                  G               Cm                G#    G#           
we've got the style, and we've got the flair, look all you want,  
just don't touch the hair! 
and that's all! 

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