William McDowell

I Give Myself Away

William McDowell

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I Give Myself Away

                       A       E/G# I give myself away                         F#m          E            D   I give myself away   so You can use me
  Verse 1            A               E/G# Here I am, here I stand ​       Bm7      D      Esus4  Lord my life is in Your hands       A                E/G# Lord I?m longing to see ​     Bm7              D    Esus4 Your desires revealed in   me   Verse 2       A                    E/G# Take my heart, take my life ​Bm7          D     Esus4 As a living sac ? ri - fice             C#/F    F#m              E/G# All        my       dreams, all my plans  Bm7              D    Esus4 Lord I place them in Your hands   Bridge      A​        E/G# My life is not my own,  To You I belong          F#m          E                       D I give myself, I give myself to You

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