William Clark Green


William Clark Green

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Intro/Chorus (tab below) 
A - Em - G - D 
A - Em - D 

verse 1 
I?m all strung out, got nothing left 
I gotta get something off my chest 
       A                  Em 
That I miss you, Oh God I miss you 

I?m addicting to things and I know I?m ill 
I got a friend that sells some prescription pills  
      A                 G         D 
To forget you, oh God I miss you 

Pre-Chorus 1 (not sure about the first line on the lyrics) 
       E                                                      D - Dsus 
Now we sat to paint a picture with my tears as I watched you leave 
         E                             D  G 
And this desperation's taking a toll on me 

I need a remedy 


verse 2 
I should have said something now you?re gone 
So it rings in my head like a dialtone 
Girl I love you, oh God I miss you 

Yeah it brings me right back to our last fight  
and I wish I had the chance to say goodbye  
and to kiss you, oh God I miss you 

Pre-Chorus 2 
So I brought a dozen roses and a prayer for your memory 
and I put 'em on your grave for the love that?ll never be 
I need a remedy 

Chorus & solo (solo over Chorus chords) 

I?m all strung out got nothing left 
I gotta get something off my chest 

(when the band kicks in, play outro with Chorus chords) 

    A                  Em 
I?m all strung out got nothing left 
  G                   D 
I gotta get something off my chest 

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Intro/Chorus (I play it all on one string to get the slide sound, but you can play it on the G and D strings to stay closer on the frets) e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|--11-11-11-9-7-5~~~--9-9-9-7-5-4~~--11-11-11-9-7-5~~-9-11-9-7~~----------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
I may end up tabbing the solo if there are any requests... If you have any input or corrections, hit me up on Twitter and let me know if you have any songs you need help with. God bless!

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