Far Far Away


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Far Far Away

Intro: G  

G                        Bm  
Far far away from those city lights  
Em                  Bm        Bm-Bbm-Am  
Might be shining on you tonight  
Am                  C  
Far far away from you  
       G       Em        C    G  
On the dark side of the moon  
G                        Bm  
I long to hold you in my arms and sway  
Em                   Bm  Bm-Bbm-Am  
Kiss and ride on the CTA  
Am                  C  
I need to see you tonight  
          G              Em   C    Am  
And those bright lights  
     G                   Em   C    Am  
Oh I know it's right  
G         Em        C    Am  
Deep in my heart  
     G         Em        C    G  
I'll know it's right  

G-Bm-Em-Bm Bm-Bbm-Am  

G                                  Bm  
By the bed by the light that you read by  
Em                                 Bm        Bm-Bbm-Am  
By the time that I get home to say good night  
Am                  C  
I need to see you again  
G              Em        C    Am  
On the dark side my friend  
       G       Em   C    G  
On the dark side 

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