Widespread Panic

This Part Of Town (acoustic)

Widespread Panic

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This Part Of Town (acoustic)

Capo on 4th fret

intro (piano) D F C A G D F C Em 

Em  G C G  Em  G C G 
 Em          G C G              Em 
I was walking      the other day  

with my head down when i met a man  

who had his hand out so i gave him  

gave him a dollar but has i walked away i 

heard him call out 
D F C A G tell me brother can you see the sun D F C Em D F C from where your standing now ive been up A G D F C and ive been down but ive never been to this... Em G C G part of town (back to verse chords)
same for whloe song exept before the solo the bridge is like E B G# 8 times then into chours chords you have to use power chords right here because cant hold G# in acoustic way if you want the solo and try to learn it good luck but go to everydaycompanion.com WSP RULZ

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chords Widespread Panic - This Part Of Town (acoustic)
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