Whitney Houston

All The Man I Need

Whitney Houston

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All The Man I Need

	  		Intro: F#m F#m D Bm Bm A E  

Bm                        F#m  
I used to cry myself to sleep at night  
      E            D 
But that was all before he came  
Bm                        F#m 
I thought love had to hurt to turn out right  
      E            D 
But now he's here, it's not the same  
      C#          C#  
It's not the same  

       F#m               B  
He fills me up, he gives me love  
 D                       A    G#m  
More love than I've ever seen  
      F#m                         B 
He's all I've got, he's all I've got in this world  
          D       E            F#m  
But he's all the man that I need  

Bm                     F#m 
And in the morning when I kiss his eyes  
       E               D 
He takes me down and rocks me slow  
Bm                          F#m 
And in the evening when the moon is high  
      E               D 
He holds me close and won't let go  
C#             C# 
He won't let go  


Solo = verse.  

Chorus: F#m B D A  


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