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Truth Doesnt Make A Noise Chords

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Truth Doesnt Make A Noise

  		Tabbed by Gorilla Breath (dominic and christian) 
Am 577555 
G 355433 
C x3555x 
D x5777x 
E x7999x 
Acoustic Guitar 
Am (and then alternate to G - listen to the song) 
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e|------------------------|----------------------------| Play this B|------------------------|----------------------------| 8x G|------------------------|----------------------------| D|--------0---------------|----------0-----------------|=20 A|-0-2h3------3-2-0-------|-0-2h3-------3-2-0-0--------|=20 E|--------------------3---|----------------------------| (x) only play this (through the song add 2nd time some muted notes in this)
Am My b... G C and slide to D (5th fret) Can't you people just leave her alone? =20 Am She n... G C and slide to D (5th fret) Am So just leave her alone... * Goes like this and then changes to * C ....everything you need to know I can't... D I feel ... Am Every time I see her face (little piano solo) C But .. D It fills ... E And I wanna tear apart the place * break and returns to Intro * * ends in Am *

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