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Surfwax America Chords


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Surfwax America

From: [email protected] 
Weezer: Surf Wax America 
by Rivers Cuomo 
Here's Surf Wax America. For all those who don't have the Weezer 
album, I highly recommend it, especially if you like Nirvana. 
Tune down 1/2 step  NOTE: chords are NOT in actual pitch 
Intro/Lead verses 
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Dadd4 C Em7 G --------------------------------------------- ------3----------1-------------------0------- --------0----------0----------0--------0----- ---4------0---2------0-----0-------------0--- ------------------------2-------------------- ---------------------------------3-----------
{With intro} The sea is foamin' like a bottle of beer The wave is comin' but I ain't got no fear I'm waxing down so that I'll go real fast I'm waxing down because it's really a blast {Without intro/With Distortion} D/A C/G G I'm going surfing 'cuz I don't like your face D/A C/G G I'm bailing out because I hate the race D/A C/G G of rats that run round and round in the maze D/A C/G G I'm going surfin', I'm going surfin'
C/G D/A You take your car to work Note: the C/E sounds good when C/E G you play with the album. I'll take my board If you play alone, an E/B C/G D/A sounds better And when you're out of fuel C/E G I'm still afloat
D/A C/G G My buddies and their homies all come along D/A C/G G They seem invincible as they surf along D/A C/G G The sea is rollin' like a thousand pound keg D/A C/G G We're goin' surfin', we're goin' surfin'
C/G D/A You take your car to work C/E G I'll take my board C/G D/A And when you're out of fuel C/E G I'm still afloat
{INTERLUDE} A/E C/G G All along the undertow A/E C/G G is strengthening its hold A/E C/G G I never thought it'd come to this A/E C/G G Now I can never go home "Maybe it's just a coincidence or maybe she doesn't know what to get; But why does it seem like every year's a toolbox Christmas?" -Jehovah's Toolshed

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