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Beverly Hills Chords


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by Andy

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Beverly Hills

  		Intro / Verse Chords:  
F F, Bb Bb (2)  
F F, Bb Bb, C, C   
F F, Bb Bb, C C, Bb Bb  
Just pick the intro/verse parts   
First Verse:  
F F                  Bb Bb                       F F             Bb Bb                F F         
Where I come from isn't all that great, my automobile is a piece of crap, and  
Bb Bb                   C........  
my friends are just as screwy as me!  
F F      Bb Bb                  F F                      Bb Bb                           F F   
I didn't go to boarding schools, preppie girls never looked at me, why should  
Bb Bb                   C........  
they, I ain't nobody. got nothing in my pocket!  
F F       Bb Bb  C C              Bb Bb       F F   Bb Bb    C C        Bb  Bb    
Beverly Hills, that's where I want to be!                 Livin' in Beverly Hills.  (Gimme, Gimme)  
Beverly Hills, livin' like a celebrity.                   Livin' in Beverly Hills.  (Gimme, Gimme)  
Second Verse:  
Look at all those movie stars, there all so beautiful and clean, when the  
housemaids scrub the floors, they get the spaces in between.  I wanna live  
a life like that, I wanna be just like a king, take my picture by the pool,  
cause im the next big thing.  
REPEAT Chorus  
The truth is, I don't stand a chance.  It's something that you're born into, and   
I just don't belong.    
No I don't, I'm just a no class beat down fool, and I will always be that way,   
I might as well enjoy my life and watch the stars play.  
REPEAT Chorus  
Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, Livin in Beverly Hills!  
by. Jason Baird  


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