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A Song About You Chords


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A Song About You

.:. INTRO .:. -=- ( A  Asus2 )4x 
A                C#m 
First time I saw you 
D                         E 
I didn't think you were special 
  A          C#m        D             E 
But now I realized that you're the one I want to  
             (A Asus2)2x 
grow old with 
A                C#m 
I want to take you out, 
D                         E 
I want to do everything right, 
A                  C#m         
I'll take you to your favorite shop, 
D                    E                  ( A  Asus2 )2x
I'll even let you use my favorite coffee cup 
   F#              E   
Oh you, when you look at me, 
             A           D 
you make me feel so glad 
   F#              E   
Oh you, when you smile at me, 
             A           D 
you make me feel so nervous 
Bm                      E 
Because you're the one I adore 
A                    C#m 
I'll let you use my coat when you're cold, 
D                    E 
I'd do anything for you 
A                     C#m 
But now you're probably in bed, 
D                E                    ( A   Asus2 ) 4x 
Sleeping with one of my best friends. 
Contribuição: Gustavo Carvalho([email protected]) 


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