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Where Would I Be Without You Chords

Waylon Jennings

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by hugo%5Frodrigues

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Where Would I Be Without You

verse 1 
      D                                      C/G            G 
	Well i guess i've been blessed with good luck and fortune 
        A              G               D 
	All that i have is more than enough 
                                    C/G            G 
	I've tried to work hard but it ain't been easy 
               A                                D 
	But compared to most it ain't been too rough 

verse 2 
      D                 C/G           G 
	I've had it all Lord knows i'm thankful 
          A                 G                  D 
	The life that i lead is some kind of dream 
                                                 C/G           G 
	I've got buses and trucks and stuffs that all make loud noises 
          A                                       D 
	Why i even own things that i ain't never seen 

                G                A                   D 
	And it fills me with pride when i hear them say 
         C/G                   G                 D 
	There goes a good ol' boy who made it through 
        G                   A                   D 
	I count my blessings with each of your kisses 
      G          A               G            A          D 
	When you add it all up,where would i be without you 

verse 3 
      D                            C/G        G 
	You helped me along like an angel of mercy 
            A            G                     D 
	My nature is such that i could have strayed 
                                C/G          G 
	But your tender love has always controled me 
              A                              D 
	Where others would leave,you always have stayed 

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