Spring Comes To Spiddal


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Spring Comes To Spiddal

Written by Mike Scott

Capo on 2nd fret


         C                                  F              C 
Well the lights are on in Standun's and the spell has been broken 
   Am        C       G             G7 
The roadside teahouse door is wide open 
  C                       F             C 
A sign on the wall says, "American also spoken" 
               D   C      
As spring comes to Spiddal 

    C                        F                C 
The village girls go walking by without their coats 
    Am           C           G                G7 
The Irish Gaelic college is alive again with folk 
C                         F                C 
Farmers gather talking freed from Winter's yoke 
               D   C 
As spring comes to Spiddal 

  G              C               G             C 
A tourist with a telescope and a funny looking German bloke 
      F          C                             G 
And a billy goat all invoke the summer soon to bloom 

     C                             F              C 
On a soft and fresh Atlantic air a mist of pollen floats 
   Am           C           D               G 
On Galway Bay I spy a gaily painted fishing boat 
          C                               F             C 
There's a rustle around the boreens and a song on every throat 
               D   C 
As spring comes to Spiddal 

C F C  
Am C G  
C F C  
D C 

Not 100% sure about the G7 but it is my personal preference to play it. 

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