Warren Zevon

The French Inhaler

Warren Zevon

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The French Inhaler

	  		(D5)  (D/F#) (D5) (D) (A) (D) (Bm7) (A) (A7) 

(D)How're you going to make your way in the world, 

When you (G)weren't cut (A)out for (D)working, 

When your (G)fingers are (D/F#)slender and (A)frail? 

(G)How're you going to get a(D/F#)round 

In this (G)slea(D/F#)zy (Em7)bed(D)room town, 

If you (G)don't put your(D/F#)self up for (A4)sale? (A)  

(G)Where will you go with your (F#m7)scarves and your mira(D)cles, 

(G)Who's gonna (D/F#)know who you (A)are? 

(G)Drugs and wine and (D/F#)flattering light, 

You must (G)try it again till you (D/F#)get it right. 

(G)Maybe you'll end (D/F#)up 

With someone (Em)different every (Bm7)ni(F#m)ght. (F#m7)  

(A) All these (G)people with no (D/F#)home to (G)go (D/F#)home to, 

They'd (G)all (D/F#)like to (A)spend the (D/F#)night with (Em)you, 

Maybe I would, (G)too?(hold)(G)(E/G#)(A)  

But tell me, (D)how're you going to make your way in the world, woman, 

When you (G)weren't cut (A)out for (D)working, 

And you (G)just (D/F#)can't (Em)con(D/F#)cen(A)trate, 

And you (G)al(D/F#)ways (A)show (D/F#)up (G)late?  

You said you were an (D/F#)actress, 

Yes, I be(G)lieve you (D/F#)are. 

(G) I thought you'd be a (D/F#)star 

So I (D7/F#)drank up all the (G)money, 

Yes, I drank up all the (D)money, (Bm) 

With these (G)phonies (D/F#)in this (A)Holly(D/F#)wood (G)bar, 

These friends of (D/F#)mine in this (A)Holly(D/F#)wood (G)bar.  

(Em)Loneliness and frus(F#)tration, 

(Bm) We both came (A)down with an a(G)cute case, 

And when the (D/F#)lights came up at two 

I (A)caught a glimpse of you, 

And your (Bm)face looked (A)like 

Something (G)Death brought (D/F#)with him in his (G)suitcase. 

Your pretty (D)face, it looked so (G)wasted, 

Another pretty (D/F#)face?devas(G)tated.  

(A) The (F#m7)French In(D)haler, 

(G) He stamped and (D)mailed her. 

(G)"So (D)long, (A)Nor(D)man." (hold) 

(D)She said, (G)"So (D)long, (A)Nor(D)man." (D) (Em7) (A)(A4)(A) (D) 

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