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Desperados Under the Eaves Chords

Warren Zevon

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by monc

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Desperados Under the Eaves

	  F	Bb	       C		  F	        F/A 
I was sitting in the Hollywood Hawaiian Hotel 
          Bb	        C                   Dm 
I was staring in my empty coffee cup, 
          A                         A7                  Dm        Gm 
I was thinking that the gypsy wasn't lyin', 
            Fsus4                             F              Csus4 
All the salty margaritas in Los Angeles,  I'm gonna drink 'em up 
            Bb	     C          Bb       F 
And if California slides into the ocean, 
	   Bb	          Am         Gm    F 
Like the mystics and statistics say it will, 
Ddim6			         Am         Gm                 F 
I predict this Motel will be standing, until I pay my bill. 
(Bb - C) 
                       Bb  Am  Gm    C                 F 
But don't the sun look angry through the trees, 
	    Bb    Am         Gm    C    Dm 
Don't the trees look like crucified thieves, 
                  Dm			       Gm7 
Don't you feel like desperados under the eaves, 
Gm7                 Csus4  C   Fsus4   F 
Heaven help the one who leaves. 
Gm					Dm 
Still waking up in the morning with shaking hands, 
	   F				    C       Dm 
And I'm trying to find a girl who understands me, 
	A			A7	       Dm    C 
But except in dreams you're never really free, 
	     Bb  Am  Gm    C  F 
Don't the sun look angry at me. 
          Bb	       C		  F	      F/A 
I was sitting in the Hollywood Hawaiian Hotel, 
          Bb                     C                      Dm 
I was listening to the air conditioner hum,  It went, 
(Dm   F/C  F)            (Bb  F  C) 
Look away down, Gower avenue, look away. 
Transcribed by: Kevin Dutcher (kdutcher@msn.com) 


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