Walls Of Jericho

No Saving Me

Walls Of Jericho

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No Saving Me

Capo on 2nd fret

verse 1 

Am G  Em     F 
Inside these broken lines 
Am   G              Em   F  
A disruption of our lives 
Am     G 
Insanity kicks in 
    Em             F           Am 
And all I see is another dead end 
So close your eyes 
    Em                   F 
And escape from what you hide 

Am G Em How long will I take to bleed F Am There is no saving me G Em F How far will you go to hold on
verse 2 I'm better off cutting my own throat In hope for once That you might hear me I know I can at least count On the mess never judging me I'm breaking out from all I've come to be Chorus How long will I take to bleed There is no saving me How far will you go to hold on Alone I've gone through hell and back Hell and back to try to feel And there is no saving me SOLO (listen to song for rhythm)
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e I---------------|----------------|-------------|-----------| h I---------------|----------------|-------------|-----------| G I---------------|----------------|-------------|-----------| D I-----------7-7-|-7-7-7-7-8-7----|-------------|---7--7----| A I-10--10-10-----|-------------10-|-8--8-8-10-6-|---------8-| E I---------------|----------------|-------------|-----------| e I--------------|----------------|---------------|-------------| h I--------------|----------------|-----------6-4-|-----6---6-8-| G I--------------|----------------|-7-5---5-7-----|-5-7---7-----| D I-----8-7------|------8----8-10-|-----8---------|-------------| A I-10------10-8-|-8-10---10------|---------------|-------------| E I--------------|----------------|---------------|-------------| e I--------13-11----|-----13-11-------|------------|---------------| h I-8---11-------15-|--11-------15-11-|-13--15--11-|---------11/13-| G I-----------------|-----------------|------------|---------------| D I-----------------|-----------------|------------|---------------| A I-----------------|-----------------|------------|---------------| E I-----------------|-----------------|------------|---------------| e I-18-17-15----------|------------------|-18-17-15----------| h I----------15----13-|------------11/13-|----------15----15-| G I-------------15----|------------------|-------------15----| D I-------------------|------------------|-------------------| A I-------------------|------------------|-------------------| E I-------------------|------------------|-------------------|
Bridge Am-G-Em-F End Chorus How long will I take to bleed There is no saving me How far will you go to hold on Alone I've gone through hell and back Hell and back to try to feel Try to feel And there is no saving me Enjoy! Support the musicians!

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