Walker Brothers

You're All Around Me

Walker Brothers



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You're All Around Me

	  		D                   Dsus4          D 
In the morning when everything has ended  
D                     Dsus4  D       F   Fsus4  F 
And night's cover has lifted without you  
      D				G                       D  Dsus4  D 
In my mind I am here alone suspended with memories of you  

D                    Dsus4          D 
In the streets I can hear the day beginning  
D             Dsus4   D       F   Fsus4  F 
Another day beginning without you  
       D			G                              D Dsus4  D 
If you don't come back to me tomorrow I don't know what I'll do  

            C             D 
You're all around me everywhere  
	    C                         D# 
And in this city's lonely places this crowded sea of faces  
       G     Gsus4 G D            Dsus4  D 
You're there,        you're there 

I tried so hard to keep our love together  
Things that you could never ever know  
and I'm resigned to loving you forever  
I know I can't let go  


by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 

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