Wade Bowen & West 84

Try Not To Listen

Wade Bowen & West 84

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Try Not To Listen

	  		G  Bm  C  twice 
G               Bm              C 
Sometimes I get captured by the way a song sounds 
G          Bm                C 
Takes me inside and lifts me up off the ground 
       G             Bm               C 
It can make you feel love like you?ve never felt before 
Am                                 D 
Or it can make you cry and want to hide behind doors 
C D G G/F# Em For a song is more powerful than most people think C D Go ahead and sit by the jukebox and order up a drink G Bm C D And try not to listen, try not to hear the words G Bm C D For that song that?s always haunted you is always gonna be heard G Bm C D I hope you listen to my songs, I hope you listen to what I say Am D G This song?s my life and that?s the reason, oh the reason that I was made
Sometimes I put some grit into it and sing as loud as I can And I scream and yell at the crowd hoping that they understand And sometimes they yell back and it?s as crazy as it can be And I think to myself, what a hell of a life I lead Chorus Solo Sometimes it?s just real slow and tender as it can be And I look into your eyes and I wish you could see what I see You may not want to listen, you may not like my style But I promise you before the end of the night, there?s something you?re gonna realize Chorus ______________________ Tabbed By Larry Mofle [email protected]

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chords Wade Bowen & West 84 - Try Not To Listen
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