Cannibal Buffet


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Cannibal Buffet

Well, I was on a cruise ship out at sea, my fiancée and me 
              Gm              Dm 
The ship went down, everybody drowned 
    A                   A7                 Dm 
And I was just glad the sea didn't swallow me 
Well, I was in distress, 'cause my hair was such a mess 
          Gm             Dm 
And so I washed up on a beach 
     A                 A7             Dm 
Nine hungry eyes were staring down at me. 

           Dm        Bb              Dm 
I'm in the middle of the Cannibal Buffet 
            A                       Dm 
I'm feeling well; they like me that way 
                         Gm                 Dm 
See, if you really wanna know what's eatin' me 
         A                A7             Dm 
It's the man-eaters on the coast of Barbary 

Oh, trouble was afoot - they were eatin' mine 
Toein' the party line, 
                  Gm                    Dm 
I was startin' to feel, "these guys are heels" 
        A                      A7                Dm 
But, the truth be told, these cannibals have got sole 
Hey, numbskull, look at me, I got a bone to pick with thee 
              Gm                Dm 
You ain't humerus, stop ribbin' me 
 A                A7                 Dm 
Have a spine, bone up on settin' me free 


Bb      Dm        Bb       Dm 
Missionaries came to this place 
     Bb           Dm 
They taught us manners 
       A          A7         Dm 
Now we cannibals always say grace... 
(Thank you Good Lord for this weiner we're about to eat, and the 
sweet buns we're gonna stick it in) 

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