Vitor Kley

The Sunshine

Vitor Kley

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The Sunshine

G         C9 
Hello sunshine, 
Em7            D 
Don't be afraid 
G           C9       Em7    D 
Everything will be alright, 
G                 C9 
Don't stop the fight, 
 Em7           D                     G            C9 
That life goes on no matter what happens it happens 
Em7         D 
You will win 

Am                    C 
Everything that you lose you will 
     G                                           D 
Recover no matter what happens you will be able to fight 
                Am (riff) C D 
And i'll be there 

G           D 
The sun shone, 
Em7              C           G      D 
And you have the power to return alone 
Em7                     C        G        D 
When these things does not make sense to anyone 
C9       D        G 
Make sense to me  

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