Vintage Trouble

You Better Believe It

Vintage Trouble

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You Better Believe It

Capo on 1st fret

Intro chords: E E7 A  (A/G)  E  E7 (4x) 

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Intro 1 (2x) (Riff 1: E E4 E ) A (A/G) E (Riff 2) e|-------|---------------0---------------------------0--|------------------| B|-------|-0----0--0--0-------/3-3-3-3----2-2-2--2------|------------------| G|-------|-0h1--2--2--0h1-----/4-4-4-4----2-2-2--2--1---|--------------1---| D|-------|-2----2--2--2-------------------2-2-2--2--2---|----0---0--2--2---| A|-------|------------------------------0-----------2---|0h2---2-------2---| E|-\12-0~|------------------------------------3-3b--0---|--------------0---| Intro 2 E E4 E7 A (A/G) E e|----------------0---0--------------0---------| B|--0----0--0--0----3-----2-2-2--2----------/3~| G|--0h1--2--2--0h1--------2-2-2--2--1-------/4~| D|--2----2--2--2----------2-2-2--2--2----------| A|------------------------0---------2----------| E|-0--------------------------3-3b--0----------| E E4 E A (A/G) E e|-------------------0---------------------------| B|---0----0--0--0--------------------2-2-2-------| G|---0h1--2--2--0h1------------------2-2-2----1--| D|---2----2--2--2---------0---0--2---2-2-2----2--| A|---------------------0h2--2-------0---------2--| E|--0----------------------------------3-3b--0---|
verse 1: (Riff 1) E E4 E Last train leaving the station A (A/G) E E7 And I'm gonna take it (Riff 1) E E4 E Before I'm broken more by this situation A (A/G) E E7 I am gonna break it C#m E Lord Knows I've tried more than any man could C#m E And I did more than I swore I ever would C#m B Now I'm turning the good into gone A B E And I'm shuffling on my way Chorus: A (A/G) E YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT A (A/G) E E7 YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT A B A RAY OF LIGHT A/C# D FOUND IT'S WAY TO MY MIND A KNOT'S UNTIED (A/G) E E E4 E A (A/G) E E7 YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT Lick 1:(E E4 E A (A/G) E E7)
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e|-----------------------------3b------------------| B|------3--3h5-3h5--5p3---3h5~--------3------------| G|--2/4-----------------4---------2/4---4\2p0------| D|---------------------------------------------2---| A|-------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------|
verse 2: (Riff 1) E E4 E Last tug boat to part the water A (A/G) E E7 And I'm diving for it (Riff 1) E E4 E A little sparrow inside saying, ?Fly, Baby? A (A/G) E E7 How can I ignore it C#m E Child, I have walked on the glass the broke C#m E While I stayed and I prayed on my knees in hope C#m B I held my breath and I choked A B Holding onto this rope E I gotta let go Chorus: A (A/G) E YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT A (A/G) E YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT A B A RAY OF LIGHT A/C# D FOUND IT'S WAY TO MY MIND A KNOT'S UNTIED (A/G) E YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT Solo: (it begins like the lick 1, and then changes a bit.. but in the same scale, you can do it! - i'm keep trying!) Solo chords E E4 E A (A/G) E E7 (2x) C#m E C#m E C#m B A B E E4 E Chorus (2x) THEN: A B A/C# D A (A/G) E A B A RAY OF LIGHT A/C# D FOUND IT'S WAY TO MY MIND A (A/G) E KNOT'S UNTIED (Riff 1 and Riff 2)

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