Vinicius Gabriel


Vinicius Gabriel

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(Vinicius Gabriel)

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C E|---------3-------------------------| B|-----3-----3---3-------------------| G|---0---0-----0---------------------| D|-----------------------------------| A|--3--------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------| D E|---------2------------------------| B|-----3-----3---3------------------| G|---2---2-----2--------------------| D|-0--------------------------------| A|----------------------------------| E|----------------------------------| G E|---------0------------------------| B|-----1-----1---1------------------| G|---0---0-----0--------------------| (2x) D|----------------------------------| A|----------------------------------| E|--3-------------------------------|
C D you left me G i do not know why C D was my way G i concert C D but if i want G C know that you are still waiting
C D G expect you to love pick me C D G do not leave me in pain pick me will not let me

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