Down Under The Sea


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Down Under The Sea

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e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---6----4--6--7----6----4--6--2----4---2-----------------------------------| A|---7----6--7--9----7----6--7--4----4---0-----------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| Chords: e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-----------6-------4-----2-----1----2------2-------------------------------| D|---6-------6-------4-----2-----2----4------3-------------------------------| A|---7-------4-------2-----0-----2----4------3-------------------------------| E|---0------(0)-----(0)----0-----0----2------1-------------------------------|
E C#m/E B/E A E1 F#m F Intro: E E There is movement beneath me But there's no sound Bound by these feelings C#m/E B/E A Buried down, under the sea E When you dream of the deepest Underground I'll see yours and raise you C#m/E B/E A Take you down, under the sea
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Riff: e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------0---3---5---7~----8--7--3~----5--3--0~-----1--0------------------| E|--0-0-3-3--------------------------------------------------0~--------------| Follow me There is move....
E Bodies touched in the shadows of the archway But we never got the chance to shut the Eyes in the back of our head But the fear was fuel for the fire Holding on to glimpses of what lay C#m/E B/E A Down, under the sea (play the riff here) E In the beginning we held on so tightly In the beginning we loosened our grip As the curtains was starting to rise Had to fight to learn how to surrender To the ageless angels C#m/E B/E A Down, under the sea C#m/E B/E A Down, under the sea C#m/E B/E A Down, under the sea C#m/E B/E A Down, under the sea F#m F E Under the sea

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