Victoria Justice

Make It In America

Victoria Justice

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Make It In America

Capo on 2nd fret

Intro: G Cadd9 (2x) 

Verse 1:
      G                     Cadd9 
Got a one-way ticket down a two way street 
        G                           Cadd9 
Got the wind in my hair and there's dust on my feet 
I'm just trying 
To make it in America 


Verse 2:
     (G)                    Cadd9 
Only thing to my name is an old t-shirt 
      G                     Cadd9 
Faded nine-teen eighty-five from a Stones concert 
And I'm dying 
To make it in America 


        G                       Cadd9 
And I'm singing the words to my favourite song 
         G                   Cadd9 
With the rag-top down and my glasses on 
and I'm driving 
Straight through America 


D G I wanna taste the sun C 'Cause baby, I'm born to run Em D I've gotta feeling that I'm not the only one G C I, I wanna show some skin Em7 'Cause baby, I need the ocean Am7 G You can't stop me now I've got my heart in motion C I, wanna make it in america D (ring out) make it in america
Repeat intro only once Repeat verse chords to these lyrics I can see my star sunset and vine Gonna carve my name in the Hollywood sign Yeah I gotta, gotta make it in America See me wearing a smile even if I'm broke I'll be singing the words from a song i wrote And I called it, Make it in America Chorus Em7 C I can feel the sweat dripping down my face Em7 C I can hear my heart as it starts to race Am7 C Yeah some-times this world's such a lonely place D If I just push on I know that Chorus

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