Victor Barros

9 O'clck

Victor Barros

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9 O'clck

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9 O'clck Key G#mG#m
No baby, why are you leaving? 
It is not even 9 o clock yet 
Come back hugging and kissing 
Am         Dm          Gm           
Keeping always my lips wet 
if you want, smoke another one 
i know you will do that 
and since it's still so early 
Am                Dm                Gm 
turn off the lights and come back to bed 
I see the storm is coming fast 
And inside i feel so fine 
Cuz we'll always have our nest 
Am          Gm           Dm 
Nine o'clock, baby, our time 

Dm             Gm         Dm 
 Fo-re-ver! At least in my mind! 

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chords Victor Barros - 9 O'clck
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