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An Affair to Remember Chords

Vic Damone

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by Tchucow

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An Affair to Remember

(Harold Adamson/ Leo McCarey & Harry Warren)

  		A   A(#5) 
      D9      F         A9        Am9 
Our love af   fair is a wond rous thing 
      Em9     A7/9       D9   Dm7 
That we ll rejoice in remembering. 
     Bm7      E9            C#m7    F#m7 
Our love was born with our first embrace 
     Bm7/5-     E7          Em7/9     A9 
And a page was torn out of time and space 
 A(#5)   D9       F                A9     Am9 
Our     love af   fair       may it always be 
    Em9     A7/9            Am6   D7/9    D7 
A flame to burn through e   ter    ni     ty 
    Em9    G          F#m7     B7/4  B7 
So take my hand with a fervant prayer 
    C       Em7/9  A9 F#m7    B7/4   B7 
That we may live   and we may share 
   Em7/9     A9   A7/9    A9-    D9 
A love  af   fair to re   mem   ber  
Cifrada por Roberto Crescioni 
Bauru maro de 2004 
[email protected] 

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