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Can't Stop Loving You (ver. 2) Chords

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Can't Stop Loving You (ver. 2)

  Gsus4   G   Gsus2   G 
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Gsus4 G Gsus2 G Em C Em Esus4 Em e|-------------------------|----------------------------| B|--h1-----0-----0-----0---|--1-----0-----0-----0-------| G|---0-----0-----2-----0---|--0-----0-----2-----0---2/4-| D|---0-----0-----0-----0---|--2-----2-----2-----2-------| A|-------------------------|--------2-----2-------------| G Em C D E|---3--------3-----3------|--0-----------0-------------| C D D6 D Gsus4 (etc) e|-------------------------|--------- B|---1--1--0--3--0--3------|---1----- G|---0--0-----2--2--2------|---0----- D|---2--2-----0--0--0------|---0----- A|---3--3------------------|--------- E|-------------------------|---3-----
Verse 1: G Em there's a time and place for everything, for everyone C D we can push with all our might G Em but nothin's gonna come, oh no, nothin's gonna change C D and if i asked you not to try Pre-chorus 1: Em oh could you let it be C Am i wanna hold you and say, we can't throw this all away F D tell me you won't go, you won't go, do you have to hear me say Chorus: G Em i can't stop lovin' you, and no matter what i say or do C D G you know my heart is true, oh, i can't stop lovin' you Fill between chorus and verse (well, sorta): e|---3--5--2------------------| B|---3--------3--1--0---------| G|---2-----2-----2-----2--0---| D|---0-----------0------------| A|----------------------------| E|----------------------------| Verse 2: G Em you can change your friends, your place in life, you can change your mind C D G we can change the things we say and do anytime Em oh no, but i think you'll find C D that when you look inside your heart Pre-chorus 2: Am oh baby, i'll be there, yeah Bb Gm hold on, i'm holding on Eb D baby, just come on, come on, come on, i just wanna hear you say Chorus (same as Chorus 1) i can't stop lovin' you, and no matter what i say or do you know my heart is true, oh, i can't stop lovin' you Bridge: Am D Bm G oh, i'm so twisted and tied, and all i remember Am D was how hard we tried, only to surrender Interlude and Solo: Bb C C - C - Bb (3x) C - C - G Pre-chorus 3: G Em and when it's over, i know how it's gonna be C D G and true love will never die, no, not fade away Chorus 3: G Em and i can't stop lovin' you, and no matter what i say or do C D G you know my heart is true, oh, i can't stop lovin' you Em and i know what i got to do C D G Em C D hey, ray, what you said is true, oh, i can't stop lovin' you Gsus4 G Gsus2 G oh, oh, i can't stop lovin' you Intro...
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e|----------------------------------------| B|-3-3-3-----2----2--------0---------2----| G|-2-2-2-----2----2--------2---------2----| D|-2-2-2-----2----2--------2---------2----| A|-0-0-0-----0----0--------0---------0----| E|----------------------------------------| "Hey!" A F# D e|--------------------|--------------------|--------------------| B|-3--2----0-0----2---|-3--2----0-0----2---|-3--------3--3--3---| G|-2--2----2-2----2---|-2--2----2-2----2---|-2--------2--2--2---| D|-2--2----2-2----2---|-2--2----2-2----2---|-0--0--0--0--0--0---| A|--------------------|--------------------|--------------------| E|--------------------|--------------------|--------------------| E A e|--------------------|--------------------| B|--------------------|-3--2--0----2-2-2---| G|-1---------1-1-1----|-2--2--2----2-2-2---| "There's a time..." D|-2---------2-2-2----|-2--2--2----2-2-2---| A|-2---------2-2-2----|-0--0--0----0-0-0---| E|-0---------0-0-0----|--------------------| ---0------------------|-----------------------| ---3---3---2---0---2--|---10---10^---9--10--10| ---2---2---2---2---2--|-----------------------| ---2---2---2---2---2--|-----------------------| ---0------------------|-----------------------| ----------------------|-----------------------| Solo: ------------------------------------------|---------- ---8---7\5----5---5\8----8/10---10\8\7\5--|---------- ------------------------------------------|---------- ------------------------------------------|---------- ------------------------------------------|---------- ------------------------------------------|---------- ---------------------------|------------------------| ---------------------------|------------------------| -------------------5\7\9---|-----4------------------| -----------5\7\9-----------|--4----5------2-------2-| ---5\7\9-------------------|--5------5----2-----2---| ---------------------------|--5-----------3---3-----| --0----|---------------------------------|----------- --0----|---------------------------------|----------- --2----|---7/9----7---6------------------|----------- --2----|------------------7--------------|----------- --0----|----------------------7---5---4--|----------- -------|---------------------------------|-----------
_______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Rodolpho Galdini Carvalho(

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