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Out of My Book

	  		Intro: A      G/D      A      Em 

        A                                 G 
We set by ourselves, still looking for company 
         A                                           G 
There could have been peace, but that eluded me 
F#m                                D 
  All I could think of, was what was on your mind 
  You tried to be kind, 
     Bm                    F#m 
but I blocked your feelings. 
          Em             F#m          Bm            F#m      
Now, senses still reeling, you sit in your quiet room 
   Em        E 
and          cry. 
         A      F#m     B 
You tried    
G              A        F#m     B 
 to make me one, 
G        A         F#m      B 
  but I always hide    
G                     A 
  when there's  
      G                          A           G 
a glimpse of sun. 
  A                        G 
Running along in sunlight meadows 
 A                                 G 
  your eyes were never more than half-closed: 
F#m                                   D 
through fluttering lashes, I watched you watching me. 
   I tried to be true 
    Bm               F#m                Em             F#m 
to the way that you thought I ought to be 
         Bm              F#m 
but, in spite of all my efforts, 
Em     E 
I          failed. 
  A    F#m   B   G              A          F#m  B  
I tried                to make you see 
G           A                 F#m    B 
  but your eyes were blind 
G       A                   G              A     G 
to all          but the bad in me. 

(Bridge):   D    A    G  (2 X) 

D          A         G               
  What do you think I mean 
D          A           G 
when I say that I need you? 
D       A           G 
 How am I supposed to seem 
              D                  A                         G  
when we hit another problem and the answers 
are all torn from my book? 
D   A   G 
D       A        G 

       A                                 G 
Our lives are on paths we just can't control; 
A                              G 
 we can grow closer as we get old.... 
F#m                           D 
 Can you imagine us as we adjust? 
   Can you imagine us 
Bm              F#m 
 getting near eighty; 
     Em              F#m            Bm           F#m 
we live more sedately, still hoping our dreams will 
  Em     E 
come   true? 
         A   F#m   B    G       A     F#m  B   G  
We'll try                     to be secure.... 
             A      F#m        B      G 
But I'm of uncertain mind 
        A          G                 A 
and how can I be sure? 
            G                   A 
how can I be sure? 
how can I be sure?  


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