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Traveller In Time Chords

Uriah Heep

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by The%5FFinal%5FCut

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Traveller In Time

Year: 1973 - Album: Live

	  Em                   D           A 
Every day I have to look to the sun 
To see where it was that 
   D          A 
I have come from 
I have a feeling that 
       D         A 
There must be a time 

     G            A           D 
When I'll get a chance to go home 
'Cause I'm so tired 
    A           D   
Of being here alone 
    G            A           D 
But Iím just a traveller in time 
           G       A           Em  
Trying so hard to pay for my crime 

C      Em       Am         C 
I've tried for so long to find 
 C    Em     Am         Bm Cm Dm Em Fm 
Some way of helping mankind 


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