Uriah Heep

Echoes In The Dark

Uriah Heep

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Echoes In The Dark

Year: 1990 - Album: Magician's Birthday

	  		Em                              F 
I have heard the echoes in the dark 
Em                             F 
Dim and distant voices of the past 
G                 F#m                    
And I've seen so far into the night 
     F               Em         A   
And lingered in the land of no light 

Far beyond the 
Shrouded hours of dawn 
Through the mist 
Of daybreak I was borne 
But the day was 
Clouded still by night 
Leaving me in the land of no light 

Though I'd love to 
Say hello to you 
You might have to wait awhile 
To say goodbye 
Gm                       D 
For it must end as it began 
      Gm         D - B 
And then start again 

Solo 3 (riff 4 played in the background) 
Em Am B Em Am B 

The day of darkness 
Comes to every man 
And lingers while he 
Reaches out his hand 
And he cannot know how it will end 
Till he finds out if he has a friend 

A friend ...

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