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Teenage Chords

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Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by terr%5Fschmitz

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Intro:    A  G A      D  C  D  (3x)     E      E 

Baby wont you buy me a brand new suit Like they wore in 62 
D                                            A 
I wanna be in the latest craze I wanna be in the news 
E                                       D 
Wanna get my name on the front page 
E                        B            C# 
Cos my suit was all the rage 

A G A D C D Teenage I wanna be Teenage I wanna be Teenage I wanna be
E E Verse: Baby wont you buy me a pair of wheels ten lights and shiny chrome steel You can be my Lambretta lover put your fox furs on my grill Get your face on the TV screen You know you are my teenage dream REPEAT Chorus: Solo: B B B B E E B B F# E F# E Verse: A Baby wont you buy me a real flash car Tail fins and wire mag wheels D A We will ride on down the freeway With the police on our heels E D Flashing on their speed trap screen E B C# Fastest thing they have ever seen REPEAT Chorus (2x)

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