the first time


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the first time

Year: 1993 - Album: Best Of 1990-2000

(U Two)

	  		Tuning:Eb, in E major--use these chords for E & A. 
E             A   E                   A 
I have a lover, a lover like no other 
        E                           A        E                     A 
She got soul, soul, soul, sweet soul and she teach me how to sing 
C#m                           A 
Shows me colours when there's none to see 
C#m                  A                          E         A       E 
Gives me hope when I can't believe that for the first time I feel love 
(add this when playing the A chord) 
E               A           E                A 
I have a brother when I'm a brother in need 
           E                  A              E                A 
I spend my whole time running, he spends his running after me 
C#m                A           C#m                A 
When I feel myself going down, I just call and he comes around 
            E          A       E 
But for the first time, I feel love 
   E                   A            E                 A 
My Father is a rich man, He wears a rich man's cloak 
            E                   A                 E            A 
Gave me the keys to His kingdom coming, gave me a cup of gold 
         E                   A               E                     A 
He said "I have many mansions, and there are many rooms to see." 
      E                    A       E                    A 
But I left by the back door, and I threw away the key  
      E                 A        C#m                 A 
And I threw away the key, yeah I threw away the key 
       C#m                 A    
Yeah I threw away the key 
        E         A       E 
For the first time I feel love 


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