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Year: 1991 - Album: Achtung Baby

(Bono / Clayton / Edge / Mullen)

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 Intro:  Am  Dsus2  Fmaj7  G6+   2x   
  Am             Dsus2   
 Is it getting better   
  Fmaj7             G6+   
 Or do you feel the same   
  Am             Dsus2   
 Will it make it easier on you now   
 Fmaj7              G6+   
 you got someone to blame, you say   

  C         Am   
 One love, one life   
  Fmaj7               C   
 When it's one need in the night   
        C        Am   
 It's one love, we get to share it   
  Fmaj7                   C                Am Dsus2 Fmaj7 G6+   
 It leaves you baby if you don't care for it    

 Am       Dsus2   
 Did I disappoint you   
 Fmaj7                          G6+   
 Or leave a bad taste in your mouth   
 Am                Dsus2   
 You act like you never had love   
 Fmaj7                     G6+   
 And you want me to go without   
       C        Am   
 Well it's too late, tonight   
   Fmaj7               C   
 To drag the past out into the light   
  C                  Am   
 We're one but we're not the same   
         Fmaj7              C   
 We get to carry each other, carry each other   
 Am Fmaj7 C       

 Am                        Dsus2   
 Have you come here for forgiveness   
 Fmaj7                       G6+   
 Have you come to raise the dead   
 Am                        Dsus2   
 Have you come here to play Jesus   
 Fmaj7                G6+   
 To the lepers in your head   
     C           Am   
 Did I ask too much more than a lot   
  Fmaj7                           C   
 You gave me nothing, now it's all I got   
     C                     Am   
 We're one, but we're not the same   
    Fmaj7                  C   
 We hurt each other then we do it again, you say   
  C                 Am   
 Love is a temple, love a higher law   
     C               Am   
 Love is a temple, love the higher law   
     C                    G6+   
 You ask me to enter, but then you make me crawl   
 And I can't be holding on, to what you got,   
 when all you got is hurt   
  C             Am   
 One love, one blood   
 Fmaj7                C   
 One life, you got to do what you should   
 C         Am   
 One life, with each other   
 Fmaj7     C   
 Sisters, brothers   
 C                 Am   
 One life, but we're not the same   
      Fmaj7               C   
 We get to carry each other, carry each other   
 Am   Fmaj7 C   
 One  One  


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