Tyrus Morgan

Song To The Savior

Tyrus Morgan

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Song To The Savior

Capo on 1st fret

verse 1: 
    E          A      C#m 
So come now as you are 
 C#m       A        E 
Grace has set you free 
  E       A       C#m 
Bring your heavy heart 
 C#m    A     E 
Lay it at his feet 
 E      A   C#m 
Christ the crucified 
     C#m     A      E 
The lamb who died for us 
   E     A    C#m 
Is risen and alive 
 C#m     A    E 
Now our righteousness 

C#m A E Sing a song to the savior C#m A E Lift your voice and believe C#m A E Sing a song to the savior C#m A E Sing a song to the king
E A C#m Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh C#m A E Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh verse 2: E A C#m Let our praises ring C#m A E We worship him alone E A C#m Heaven's majesty C#m A E Seated on the throne verse 3: E A C#m Come now child of God C#m A E You have been redeemed E A C#m There is no greater love C#m A E This is why we sing

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