Tyler Childers

Heart Of Stone

Tyler Childers

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Heart Of Stone

Capo on 4th fret

Intro: Am Em G Am 

verse 1 
                     Am               Em                         G                  Am 
There a full moon shining through her bed room window shedding light on them dirty sheets 
   Am                               Em 
Here the floor creak listen to her heart beat 
               G                          Am 
Louder than a Six string ever thought to ring 
   Am                              Em                       G                       Am 
She?s a bad sign lord but she?s a damn sight better than a long night sleeping all alone 
    Am                              Em 
Where the moon makes way to let the day break brother 
           G                           Am 
She will leave you strung out on your own 

F G Am Times get hard F G D7 She keeps ridin
verse 2 Am Em She?s a hot mess busting out her sun dress G Am Leaving for tomorrow, throw it on the ground Am Em Feel her hips sway listen to her I say G Am She dont need a damn thing tryin to way her down
F G Am Heart of stone F G D7 Hotter than fire
verse 3 Am Em G Am She?s a heart break hittin like a hard rain washing out the creek bank takin what she please Am Em Hear her heels click leaving like a bad trip G Am Leaving feeling breathless staggering to your feet
F G Am Times get hard F G D7 She keeps ridin

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