Two Gallants

We Are Undone

Two Gallants

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We Are Undone

Capo on 3rd fret



Intro: Am Em Dm Am 

Am             G            F           C/G 
Father has the market place done us any good? 

Dm             G         C       Em   
Like you always claimed it would? 

Am                 G                  F               C/G 
The fields dry and barren and there's blight upon the vine 

Dm                       G    C            Em (hammer C note off and on) 
But as long as your cup's full, everything is fine 

Riff: Am Em Dm Am (repeated) 

Am           G        F        C/G 
Son has your sympathy done any good? 

Dm             G         C     Em 
like you always claimed it would 

Am              G              F          C/G 
you sing to the choir and they know every line 

Dm                      G    C             Em (hammer C note off and on) 
But when they leave your world they return to mine 

Riff: Am Em Dm Dm Dm/Eb E 


Em                  B C 
You think your voice is real 

G                  B7 
I thunder While you squeal 

Em             B    C 
So you can ring their ears 

G                   B7 
But I'm the one they hear 

Interlude: (Verse Chords) 

Riff: Am Em Dm Am (Repeated) 

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------------------- Reference positions Verse Chorus Dm G | Em B C B7 e|---5--------3-----|----7-----7-----8-----4---------------------------------| B|---6--------3-----|----8-----7-----8-----4---------------------------------| G|---7--------6-----|----9-----8-----9-----2---------------------------------| D|---7--------5-----|----9-----9-----10----4---------------------------------| A|---5--------5-----|----7-----9-----10----2---------------------------------| E|------------3-----|----------7-----8---------------------------------------|

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