Turin Brakes

Long Distance

Turin Brakes

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Long Distance


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Em D G B e|----------7-----------5------5---------2---| B|---------8-----------7------3---------4----| G|--------8-----------7----------------4-----| D|------------------------------------4------| A|-----7---5-------5-------3-------2---------| E|-------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: Em D G Well if this gets ugly, I'd swear, B This aint our last chance, The vultures that circle, My head, Are flying alongside, Em D G B The worlds turning. Chorus: E E Bm A I let somebody get under my skin, long distance losing is all that I've seen. Now theres a river! Now theres a river! Verse 2: Nothing can save me, my reserve betrayed me, It calmed the hurricanes, I'm burning to get there, the middle of nowhere, storm warnings flicker while, The worlds turning, Chorus (x2) End: A

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