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They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore Chords

Troy Casssar-Daley

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They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore

	  THEY DON?T MAKE ?EM LIKE THAT ANYMORE ? Troy Cassar- Daley (T Cassar-Daley, G
Porter, C Buchanan). 
Intro: D A D A 
E     				  D                   A  Asus2  A 
He was knocking a ball against a tank stand with a stump 
 E				    D                  A Asus2 A 
who could have guessed what that country boy would become                           
           Bm                  A        
with the crack of leather on willow 
    Bm               A 
a nation called his name 
          Bm               A   
and the Bradman boy from Bowral 
           Bm	            E 
became the greatest in the game  
they don?t make ?em like that any more 
they don?t make ?em like that any more 
A				 E 
he counted the cost and gave it all 
they don?t make ?em like they did back then  
keep getting up again and again  
        Bm        E		     A	 
they just don?t make ?em like that anymore 
E                                 D               A Asus2 A 
The Kirkpatrick boy watched the Nulla Creek flow by 
        E               D              A Asus2 A 
as he sang a song about another wet July 
Bm                   A                   Bm               A 
countless tunes and miles and mates and dusty roads have passed 
       Bm                           E 
that boy?s become a legend with his hat and his guitar 
Spoken: Albert Namatjira 
        Betty Cuthbert 
        Fred Hollows 
        J O?K 
        Dawn Fraser 
        Mama Shirl 
        Banjo Patterson 
Chorus x 2 
Transcribed by Mike Morgan 


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