Trevor Hall

Wish Man

Trevor Hall

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Wish Man

Capo on 1st fret

Verse: (C Cmaj7 F C) 

Down by the bayou, 
Down by the bayou, I saw 

Good things inside you 
Good things inside you, they call 
Into my memories of old, 
Tell me what you know! 

I saw a man there, 
I saw a man and sat down 

I shook his hand there 
I shook his hand, he laughed loud 
And put a question to my heart 
A question, oh, so sharp 

Chorus: (F Am, C G) 

        F                        Am 
He said, 'hey, wish man, tell me what's your wish, 
C                       G7 
Close your eyes all we got is this! 
F                   Am 
Angels speak of a thing called bliss 
C                       G7 
Close your eyes all we got is this, yeah! 

(same thing for other verses and Choruses) 

Am              E                C 
If I'm straying far away, I get down and start to pray 
Am    Em    C 
Cause I know, I know 
Am                           E               C 
That my song will reach those heavens I stand up I'm not forgetting 
Am     Em     C 
I know, I know, I know! 

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