Trevor Hall

Where's The Love

Trevor Hall

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Where's The Love

Capo on 2nd fret

G Am So many gods but no love for the people C My mama told me that we're all made equal G What are we fighting for? Am Why are we still at war? C Where's the love? Where's the love? G Am So many prayers but where's the prayer for peace? C My papa told me that we all must serve and feed G What are we fighting for? Am Why are we still at war? C Where's the love? Where's the love?
Verse: Bm C I got a confession Bm C My heart is stressing for a blessing, a blessing Bm So, the scene is set C Dropping bombs on each other cause it's what God said Am How did we let it get to this All this fighting makes me sick C The candle has burnt out the wick And I quit Chorus Verse: Bm C All the jackals howl the same Bm C The truth is one but goes by many names Bm C Well the winners write in their own history yeah Am But turn their backs on, turn their backs on, C But turn their backs on reality Chorus Bridge: Bm Am Oh darling, dry your eyes Bm Am The whole world hears your cries C Pay no attention to what they may say Am Tell all the demons to just go away C How can we wage war? D How can we wage it when we're under the same sky We're under the same sky Chorus

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