Trevor Hall

House Of Cards

Trevor Hall

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House Of Cards

Intro Dm 

So here I am now 
Another difficult round, yeah 
And it's tough to swallow 
but I shall push sorrow to tomorrow 
Sometimes it rains 
Sometimes it pours 
and it's coming down, my baby 
Down to the floor 

F I guess you gotta know the target before you aim C I guess you gotta treat pleasure and pain the same Dm If you're lonely, darlin say my name Bb I shall follow your voice through the sun and rain F Times are gettin crazy babytimes are hard C I shall not lose strength, I shall not lose heart Dm Become a bow and arrow, yeah, and shoot the stars Bb I shall never fold my house of cards
Dm Some people try C They try to rob your heart blind F They try to control your mind Bb Tellin, tellin you that everything's fine Dm But I won't be the fool C I come from a different school F Where my mama is mighty Bb where she dances and rules Dm So give me any mountain Bb and I shall climb F climb to its peaks C and kiss the golden sky.

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