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You Can't Count Me Out Yet Chords

Travis Tritt

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You Can't Count Me Out Yet

	  **Capo 3** 
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Travis uses a blues progression in the song, if you want go back and forth from these two blues chords during the "A" in the verse: E--x--x---- B--x--x---- G--x--x---- D--2--4---- A--0--0---- E--x--x---- Verse 1: (all A chord) I disappeared one morning, left without a warning Some thought I was finally gone for good But those doubters just got rattled, cause I'm back in the saddle Doing better than a body should
Chorus 1: (no chord) D Surprise, surprise I'm back again A Who says I've lost too much to win E That wouldn't be too safe a bet D G A No you can't count me out yet Verse 2: (all A) My self-esteem diminished, they said that I was finished Just a washed up piece of history But some things needed changing, I did some rearranging My recovery ain't no mystery Chorus 2: (no chord) D Took some time to clear my head A I wasn't lost and I'm not dead E I'm feeling good as good can get D G A So you can't count me out yet A G Been knocked down a time or two from blows I didn't see A But I'm up off the canvas you ain't seen the last of me, yeah Instrumental: |D |D |A |A |E |D G D |A |A | Verse 3: (all A) So if you feel defeated, put down and mistreated Got to show the world there's something more Just get yourself together, no storm you can't weather And come back stronger than you were before Chorus 3: (no chord) D Look at me that's what I've done A Still raising cain and having fun E I live my life with no regrets D G A So you can't count me out yet A E I'm feeling good as good can get D G A No you can't count me out yet

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