Travis Tritt

Country Aint Country Chords

Travis Tritt

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Country Aint Country

  		Song: Country Ain't Country  
Author: ???? 
Performed by: Travis Tritt 
Album: Strong Enough (release date Sept 24, 2002) 
This song is played with a capo on the 1st fret 
(making all of these chords sharps) but for the sake of  
simplicity, it's presented here as if played open.  The 
Dsus2 and Gsus2 are included in the chord chart, but not 
put into the body of the song.  How and when to use them 
is up to you.  There is a simple bend, walk and pull-off on the A string, 4th  
to 3rd fret to open during the intro, between verses, and after the choruses.  
 I'm not confident 
on the chords for the 5th line of the chorus ("locking their doors").  If you  
can figure it out, please send in the correction. 
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Chords: D Dsus2 G Gsus2 A Bm E-------2------0------3------0------0-----2--- B-------3------3------3------3------2-----3--- G-------2------2------0------0------2-----4--- D-------0------0------0------0------2-----4--- A-------x------x------2------2------0-----2--- E-------x------x------3------3------x-----x---
COUNTRY AIN'T COUNTRY - Travis Tritt Intro: D Verse 1: D G D He was raised on a tractor in overalls and boots. G D Been to college and then law school since leaving his roots. G D Came home in a Lexus. He left in a Ford. G A D Country ain?t country no more. Verse 2: D G D He told his daddy, ?Catch up with the times." G D He said, "Now a?days people trade heifers online." G D Dad ain?t sealing deals with a handshake like before. G A Bm And country ain?t country no more. G A D No, country ain?t country no more. Chorus: G D The back forty was sold to make up for hard times A D And sold by the half acre lot overnight. G D The houses went up and the trees were cut down. A D There went the finest deer hunting around. G Bm A Lord, everyone?s locking their doors. G A D ?Cause country ain?t country no more. Verse 3: D G D Now his dad sits in traffic looking ?round at the change G D Watching crews turn the county road into four lanes. G D The old Sunday drive has turned into a chore. G A Bm And country ain?t country no more. G A D Lord, country ain?t country no more. CHORUS Outro: D G D There?s no turning back and you just can?t ignore G A Bm That country ain?t country no more. G A D No, country ain?t country no more.

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