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Steel Guitar Rag Chords

Travis Merle

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Steel Guitar Rag

	  The Steel Guitar Rag as sung by Merle Travis 
{G}Been travelin' around, seen many a town, 
Maybe you'll find I'm the {D7}kind of guy that {G}brags. 
But take it from me and {G7}see, if{C} you don't a{G}gree 
No melody rolls, like that{D7} ole steel guitar{G} rag. 
And when they{C} slide that thing, a{G}long the strings 
It{A7} sounds so dawg gone heavenly, you'll{D7} hear them angels sing 
When you{C} start your feet, you're{G} heart will beat, 
A {D7}rhythm of that ole steel guitar {G}rag. 
You maybe kinda choosy about the kind of songs you hear, 
You may like them that's bluesy , make you{D7} cry right in your beer, 
But{G} if you want a song that's bound to{C} drive away your tears, 
Make happy your{G} soul with that{D7} ole Steel Guitar{G} Rag 

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