Traveling Wilburys

Last Night

Traveling Wilburys


by  PRB216

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Last Night

	  		C         F         C         G 

She was (C)there at the (F)bar, (C)she (G)heard my gui(C)tar     F        C        G 
She was (C)long and (F)tall, (C)she was the (G)queen of them (C)all     F        C        G 
(C)Last (F)night(F/E)...     Dm7thinking about (C)last (F)night F/E          Dm7 
(C)Last (F)night(F/E)...     Dm7thinking about (C)last (F)night F/E          Dm7 

She was (C)dark and dis(F)creet, (C)she was (G)light on her (C)feet    F        C        G 
We went (C)up to her (F)room and (C)she (G)lowered the (C)boom    F        C        G 
Last night... 

     (Am)Down below they danced and sang in the street 
     (Am)While up above the walls were steaming with (G)heat 
     Last night... 

I was (C)feeling no (F)pain, (C)feeling (G)good in my (C)brain   F        C        G 
I (C)looked in her (F)eyes, (C)they were (G)full of sur(C)prise   F        C        G 
Last night... 

     (Am)I asked her to marry me she smiled and pulled out a knife 
     (Am)The party's just beginning she said, it's your money or you (G)life 
     Last night... 

Now I'm (C)back at the (F)bar, (C)she went a (G)little too (C)far     F        C        G 
She (C)done me (F)wrong, (C)all I (G)got is this (C)song    F        C        G 
Last night.... 

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