Traveling Wilburys

Heading For The Light

Traveling Wilburys

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Heading For The Light

	  		Intro: G  A  C  D  

  G                                           A 
I've wandered around with nothing more than time on my hands 
        C                         D 
I was lost in the night with no sight of you 
         C                        D 
And at times it was so blue and lonely 
                  G   C D 
Heading for the light 

Been close to the edge, hanging by my fingernails 
I've rolled and I've tumbled through the roses and the thorns 
And I couldn't see the sign that warned me, I'm 
Heading for the light 

Chorus #1: 
riff  Em      D             C                        G 
     Ooh, I didn't see that big black cloud hanging over me 
riff Em            D                    C 
     And when the rain came down I was nearly drowned 
    A                            G 
I didn't know the mess I was in 

My shoes are wearing out from walking down this same highway 
I don't see nothing new but I feel a lot of change 
And I get the strangest feeling, as I'm 
Heading for the light ...SOLO 

Chorus #2: 
Ooh, my hands were tied by jokers and fools on either side 
But still I kept on till the worst had gone 
Now I see the hole I was in 


I see the sun ahead, I ain't never looking back 
All the dreams are coming true as I think of you 
Now there's nothing in the way to stop me 
Heading for the light 
      C                             D                        G 
Now there's nothing in the way to stop me, heading for the light 
 A  C  G 

   G       Em 
E -----------------  
B ----------------- 
G ----------------- 
D -------0-2------- 
A -----2----------- 
E -3-3------------- 

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