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Misery Loves Company Chords


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Misery Loves Company

(D)Break out the bottle, bring on the (G)crowd 
Yes, gather 'round (D)me, 'cause mis-e-(A)ry loves com-pa-(D)ny...(G)...(D) 
(D)I just left my home friends, where I couldn't (G)sleep 
For missin' a (D)woman, that I couldn't (A)keep 
She just walked out and (D)left me, for somebody (G)else 
Now her mem-o-(D)ry, keeps haunting (A)me, when I'm by my-(D)self...(G)...(D) 

(D)So break out the bottle, bring on the (G)crowd Tell funny (D)stories, turn the jukebox up (A)loud Come and sit at my (D)table, where the drinks are on (G)me Yes, Gather 'round (D)me, 'cause mis-e-(A)ry, loves com-pa-(D)ny...(G)...(D)
Now I'm not the first one, who's lost everything To a false-hearted woman, with a false'hearted dream But this time is the first time, I've suffered myself Help me get over this love, I'll handle the next love, all by myself. CHORUS ======================================================= | Submitted by: Gene Graham | | El Paso, Texas | =======================================================

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