Traditional Irish

Macnamaras Band

Traditional Irish

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Macnamaras Band

C     G                          A7     D   G 
Oh my name is MacNamara, I'm the leader of a band, 
   C                  G                 Em7       A7      D 
Although we're few in number, we're the finest in all the land. 
   C                 G                Em7    A7     D 
Of course I?m the conductor, and I?ve often  had to play 
     C                G              Em7   A7     G 
With all the fine musicians that you read about today. 

G C The drums they bang, the cymbals clang, the horns they blaze away, G Em7 A7 G McCarthy puffs the ould bassoon, and I the pipes does play. G Hennessey Tennessee toot the flute, the music is something grand, C G Em7 A7 G And a credit to ould Ireland?s, boys is MacNamara's Band.
V2 C G A7 D G Whenever an election's on, we play on either side, C G Em7 A7 D And the way we play the fine ould airs, fills every heart with pride. C G Em7 A7 D If dear Tom Moore was living now, he'd make them understand C G Em7 A7 G That none can do him justice, like ould MacNamara's Band. Repeat Chorus: V3 D7 G A7 D7 G We play for fairs or weddings and for every County Ball, C G Em7 A7 D And at any great man's funeral we play "The Dead March in Saul." C G Em7 A7 D When General Grant to Ireland came, he shook me by the hand, C G Em7 A7 G And said he never heard the like, of ould MacNamara's Band. Repeat Chorus. V4 D7 G A7 D7 G Just now we are practicing for a very grand affair, C G Em7 A7 D It's an annual celebration, all the gentry will be there. C G Em7 A7 D The girls and boys will all turn out, with flags and colours grand, C G Em7 A7 G And in front of the procession, will be MacNamara's Band. (Slowing)

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