Traditional Irish

Biddy Mulligan

Traditional Irish

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Biddy Mulligan

D A You may travel from Clare to the County Kildare, D A From Dublin right down to Macroom, D A But where would you see a fine widow like me, D A D Biddy Mulligan the pride of the Coombe me boys D A D Biddy Mulligan the pride of the Coombe
verse 1: D A I?m a buxom fine widow that lives in a spot, D A In Dublin its known as ''The Coombe'' D A Me shop and my stall are laid out in the street D A D And me palace consists of one room Chorus: verse 2: D A By Patrick's street corner for 35 years D A I stood by me stall that's no lie D A And while I stood there, there's no one would dare D A D To say black was the white of me eye Chorus: verse 3: D A I sell apples, oranges, nuts and split peas, D A Bulls eyes and sugar sticks sweet, D A On Saturday night I sell second hand clothes D A D From me stall on the floor of the street, Chorus: verse 4: D A Now I have a son Mick who plays on the pipe, D A He belongs to the Longford street band D A It would do your heart good to see them march out D A D On a Sunday to Sandymount Strand Chorus:

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