Tracy Grammer

Wasnt Born To Follow

Tracy Grammer

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Wasnt Born To Follow

Capo on 5th fret

th Fret 

Intro: G  C  (4x) 

        G             C   
Oh, I'd rather go and journey 
          G                  C   
Where the diamond crescent's glowing  
    G              C   
And run across the valley 
  G                C   
Beneath the sacred mountain 
And wander thru the forest 
Where the trees have leaves of prisms 

And break the light in colours 
     D                G         C  G  C 
That no one knows the names of 

    G                   C   
And when it's time I'll go and wait 
  G           C   
Beside a legendary fountain 
 G              C   
'Til I see your form reflected 
 G               C   
In its clear and jewelled water 
If you think I'm ready 
You may lead me to the chasm 

Where the rivers of our vision 
     D          G      C  G  C 
Flow into one another  

G              C   
I will want to dive beneath 
    G               C   
The white cascading waters 
        G            C   
She may beg, she may plead 
        G              C   
She may argue with her logic 
And mention all the things I'll lose 
That really have no value 

In the end she will surely know 
  D              G        
I wasn't born to follow 

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